Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Quilt Presentation

On April 14, 2010 Delta Air Lines Employees will make a special donation to Primary Children's Medical Center as part of their, "A Quilt for Every Bed" program. The program gives handmade quilts to children that are admitted into the center for extended stays and procedures. The hospital has a long standing tradition of placing a homemade quilt or blanket on the bed of each child, which they are able to keep at the end of their stay. It is estimated that pver 3,000 blankets will be given out over the course of a year, roughly 1,500 of which will come through this program. Over the past nine years Delta Air Lines employees, their families, and freinds from across the country have come together to make quilts using donated supplies for the Children's Center. Over the course of the year local businesses and volunteers participate in donating time and supplies to provide the quilts for the children. This blog is being started in the hopes to help promote the cause of the Quilt Project. The economy has taken its toll on donations, and the number of people able to help has dwindled. Help is needed in any form it can be given. The picture above is from 2008, when the amount of quilts was at its peak and was held at the Delta Center in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.


  1. What a great picture! This is very cool.

  2. Great project. I do think it is worthy to help spread the word.

    More insight about the logistics for these quilts would also be helpful. E.G. are quilts used at only one hospital, various hospitals? Will Delta help with coordinating quilts that may be made in various parts of the world and donated to this program, vs the maker having to pay postage?


  3. Sorry...we are just getting the blog started so the information is coming in pieces. Right now, the quilts are only being used at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, but they serve patients from all over the Western United States. Delta is happy to coordinate the transportation of quilts made in other parts of the United States, you would just need to contact to coordinate the efforts. Cindy is the program director for "A Quilt for Every Bed". Thank you so much for your interest - we would love to expand this program in whatever ways possible.